On this page: airfield plate, pressure & density altitude calculator, flying area map, NOTAMs, METARs and wind.

Visiting aircraft are welcome at Phuket Airpark by prior arrangement – just give us a call.

Overnight parking is available for fly-in visitors with light aircraft.

Please familiarise yourself with the arrival procedure.

You must be transponder equipped to enter Phuket airspace.

Phuket Airpark airfield plate

Click here to download an A5 PDF of the airfield plate.

Pressure Altitude & Density Altitude Calculators

Use this free tool to calculate pressure altitude and density altitude.

Use this free tool to calculate density altitude taking humidity into account.
Other useful calculators are available on this site.

Phuket Airpark flying area map

VFR reporting points around Phuket

TMThai Muang districtRadial 352 – 17 nautical miles08°23’30.0″N 098°16’00.0″E
KKBaan Khok KloiRadial 360 – 9 nautical miles08°16’00.0″N 098°19’00.0″E
PNPhang Nga townRadial 033 – 24 nautical miles08°26’30.0″N 098°31’30.0″E
YNKo Yao NoiRadial 089 – 18 nautical miles08°07’00.0″N 098°37’00.0″E
RCKo Racha YaiRadial 174 – 31 nautical miles07°36’00.0″N 098°22’00.0″E
PKPhuket cityRadial 160 – 15 nautical miles07°53’00.0″N 098°23’30.0″E
TTThao Thep monumentRadial 157 – 8.8 nautical miles07°58’51.5″N 098°21’50.6″E
RYKo Rang YaiRadial 139 – 12.7 nautical miles07°57’23.2″N 098°26’53.2″E

NOTAMs from AeroThai

METARs from Aviation Weather Center

Weather from windy.com